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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of car rental at City Star Rent A Car

1. DRIVER’S AGE. For categories A, B and C, the driver must be aged 23 or over. For any other category, the driver must be aged 25 or over.

2. DRIVING LICENCE. A valid driving licence held for at least one year is required from the driver.

3. PAYMENT METHOD. For your convenience, you can pay the rental fee by credit card or in cash at the counter. Credit card details are required.

4. ADVANCE PAYMENT will constitute 25% of the total rental amount and is obligatory in order to pro-ceed with the rental. Advance payment should be done online during booking via the website or by bank or money transfer. If you fail to make the advance payment within 2 days from the moment of booking confirmation, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

5. BOOKING CANCELLATION. If you cancel your booking 48 hours or more before the car rental time, advance payment will be returned. However, we will keep a 40 euro cancellation fee from the advance payment.

6. DELAY IN CAR RETUTN. If you exceed the car return time stated in the rental contract by not more than 60 minutes, you will not be charged extra. If you delay the return by more than 60 minutes, we will charge you additional fee based on the hourly car rental fee.

7. ROAD FINES. All the fines received by the driver during the rental period must be paid by the driver.

8.1. Standard insurance
is included in the rental cost.
From the moment of car collection all drivers are insured against:
— Fire damage to the vehicle (FI);
— Third-party liability, including death, bodily injuries or damage to property (TPL or TPI);
— Car theft (TI);
Driver insurance coverage amounts up to 15000€.
Road assistance is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The insurance also covers damage from an uninsured vehicle.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). The renters liability for damage to the rented vehicle depends on car category:
— Up to 500 € for categories А, В;
— Up to 750 € for categories С, Е, F;
— Up to 1500 € for category I.

8.2. SUPER CDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver). Driver can buy additional SCDW insurance, at an addi-tional cost of 5€ up to 15€ per day. In this case, the renters liability for damage to the rented vehicle can be reduced to 100-400€, depending on the car category.
SCDW insurance includes as well: car tires, windows and mirrors insurance.

8.3. FULL CDW (Full Collision Damage Waiver). This insurance gives full car coverage. Driver’s liability is reduced to €0. Full CDW cost is 7€ up to 25€ per day, depending on the car category.

8.4. Insurance companies will not pay damage in the following cases:
— The driver was under alcohol or drugs influence.
— In case of off-road driving, driving on non asphalt-surfaced routes or routes without road signs.
— Car driver was not included in car rental contract.
— Car driver violated Greek Traffic Law.
— In case of dangerous or negligent driving.
— In case of vehicle’s interior damage, car key loss or damage, personal belongings theft from the car.

9. ADDITIONAL DRIVER. It is possible to add one additional driver at no extra fee.

10. FUEL. At the end of car rental period, the driver must return the car with the same amount of fuel as there was at the moment he received the car. Otherwise the driver will have to pay for the fuel he used.
There is a “Full tank” option available. In this case, the driver receives the car with a full tank of fuel and can return it with any amount of fuel. Attention: driving at a very low fuel level can lead to car breakdown, which will not be covered by the insurance.

11. BABY SEAT. Available on request free of charge.

12. WiFi-ROUTER. Available on request with a daily charge of 3€. The total charge cannot be below 15€ or above 50€. 5 GB of traffic is included in the cost. If required, the driver can buy additional traffic at Vodafone offices, at the price of 10€ for 5 GB.

13. CAR DELIVERY / COLLECTION. Delivery or collection which does not take place at a company location will be charged 25 € (city rate). Delivery or collection at the airport or harbour will be charged 30€, at outskirts of Athens 35€.

14. HOURLY RENT is possible after the first 24 hour rental period. Total amount of hourly rent cannot exceed a full-day rental cost.

15. NIGHTTIME. If car delivery or collection takes place from 10 pm till 8 am, an extra fee of 25€ will be charged.

16. MILES LIMITATION. There is no miles limitation for car rentals of 5 days or more. In case of car rentals for less than 5 days, the daily miles limitation is 120 km. Additional milage will be paid at additional rates, depending on car category.

17. TRANSPORTATION BY SHIP is allowed only with a written consent from the company. Potential car damages that may happen in the course of transportation by ship will not be covered by the insurance.

18. ROAD ASSISTANCE. If required, road assistance is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

19. TAXES. All taxes are included in the rent.

20. SAFETY POLICY. Payment by bank cards takes place via a secure channel on payment service, which complies with PCI DSS security standards.

PCI DSS PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate is an international standard of security technologies and processes. This security standard regulates the requirements for companies accepting payments with cards and processing client data. The certificate confirms that Viva Wallet complies with all security requirements. The Viva Wallet system has the highest level standard installed, which is used to safely perform card transactions.


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